The Altay Mountains in Russia.

The Altay Mountains in Russia.

Altai is a picturesque region in southern Siberia at the foot of the Altai Mountains. Altai is mountains, tundra, mountain valleys, thousands of lakes, large reserves. Rare animals, snow leopards and Altai mountain sheep live in reserves. Particularly interesting is the majestic Belukha Mountain with a height of 4506 meters and Lake Teletskoye.

Today I want to tell about my friend, biologist, researcher and wonderful photographer Mikhail.

In his travels to the far corners of Russia, Mikhail, as a scientist, as a tourist and a photographer, emotionally and vividly reflects the many-sided nature of a huge country. From an unforgettable trip to Altai, he brought these photos full of love for fantastic nature, amazing flora, love of life.

The Altay (Altai) Mountains are a mountain range in East and Central Asia. The big Siberian rivers Irtysh and Ob have their headwaters in Altai. The name Altai comes from the world alt that means Gold in Mongolic, Turkic and other languages.

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