Staines-open-Thames is a pretty lovely vibrant town on the banks of the Thames and a shot mile hop from London. The Domesday name of ‘Stanes’ is understood to refer to a ring of 9 stones that is believed to have existed in Staines upon Thames, known as the ‘Ningen Stones’. It is believed that they were once a boundary marker. A more recent example is the ‘London Stone’ which marked London’s western boundary.

Staines-open-Thames is closest town to Heathrow Airport and easily accessible from the M25, or 35 minutes by train from London.

Staines-upon-Thames is a bustling market town with an excellent range of shops available on the High Street and in the Elmsleigh and the Two Rivers shopping centres.

Staines-open-Thames is twinned with Mauritius.

Its really very pleasant.

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  1. Hi Kastania, thank you for your post. Could you please provide more information about this place? How to get there, where to stay…?


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