Kids Socks. White organic wool. Size: 3-4

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100% organic sheep wool. Non+coloured, off-white.

Wool is pleasant to wear, suitable for outdoor activities, warm, easy to clean, a safe material, an eco-friendly choice.

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From what thread we knit?  100% organic sheep wool

The benefits of wearing socks made of natural wool. Use sheep wool for knitting socks for a long time. Such socks warm the legs well, providing blood circulation through them and micro massage, and the electrostatic field arising from the friction of the wool fibers against each other has a beneficial effect on health. There is also an antiseptic in natural wool – this is lanolin. Its positive effect on muscle tissue has been proven by science. If you have difficulty falling asleep in the evening, it is useful to use wool socks as a sleep stimulant, putting them on your feet and wearing all day