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From what thread we knit?

  1. 100% sheep wool
  2. 75% sheep wool, 25% Acrylic
  3. Polyester
  4. Polyamide
  5. Acrylic
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From what thread we knit?

  1. 100% organic sheep wool.

Everyone knows that pure wool and products from it have a lot of useful properties.

Moisture absorption.

It can absorb an amount of moisture equal to 33 percent of its weight. Inside the product, it dissipates. Absorbing moisture, the material gives off heat. Upon contact with the body, vasodilating properties, improved blood circulation are observed. The body does not suffer from cold and moisture. Inflamed muscles, joints, as a rule, are wrapped in woollen products. In addition, this material has a lower thermal conductivity than fibres of plant origin.

Wool is pleasant to wear, suitable for outdoor activities,  warm, easy to clean, a safe material,  an eco-friendly choice.

2. 75% sheep wool, 25% Acrylic.

NOVITA was founded in Finland 1928 and is proud to be the largest hand-knitting yarn spinner in the Nordic region. Novita 7 Veljest? (7 Brothers). Just the right strength, machine wash ability and magnificent colours have made 7 Brothers a true long-term favourite.

3. Synthetic and mixed fibres.

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