Old ladders and frames in the Garden

Old ladders and frames in the Garden

KasTania-handmade team recommend some interesting ideas for your garden.

Old ladders, frames, pallets, pieces of the grid, branches left after thinning trees, which became useless for fishing rods, rods – this is not a complete list of what you can build supports

Wooden strips stick between the beds.  Again, a good solution to prevent weed growth and get dry clean feet

We also see a compost box, designed by home owner, which is so perfect that you can’t imagine a more comfortable solution.  The composter is a two-seater – one for fresh, another for mature material.  The upper and lower parts of the doors open separately.  Since you do not have to knock over the edge, it is convenient to store the new material and you can start using the lowest ripe layer.

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