About Us

Art workshop KasTania is a family business and a growing group of talented people,  by making your life unforgettable and special, passionate about sharing their experience and teaching you how to create little wonders with your own hands!

Sometimes, living in a routine in a big city or a village feels like a mix of work stress. You are always in a rush and never have a time to relax and do something for yourself. And there comes the point, when the job you adore is not that satisfying anymore and all you can dream of is the weekend.

Art is a treatment itself from rush, stress and casualty. With your own hand and imagination, you will be able to create something unique and this feeling of euphoria will not leave you for a very long time.

This is the reason we created this website – to give you a chance to retreat from busy life, to find your inspiration, to do something completely new for you and spend some quality time with your family and friends. With our help, you will bring your childhood fantasies into life. With us everybody will be able to find something exciting to do.

Our team